What Can you Expect to Learn?

  • FDA Regulations

    Learn the difference between a cosmetic and a drug. What can you put on your label, marketing material, and on social media.

  • How to Succeed

    Just finished your certificate course and do not know what to do next? Or, alternatively...just started your MLM side gig and not sure how to stay compliant? Let me help guide you. I cover what you can say, where to obtain insurance, and so much more!

  • Remove the Guesswork

    Stepping into the Aromatherapy world can be daunting. There are many decision to be made. I can help to guide you to get a handle on them.

  • No One Else is Teaching This!

    This is a very unique course. Not being familiar with the laws and how to stay in your lane is not a good thing....but don't fret.....I will help make it easy!

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